Najemnina 2€.
     Z 1 Hišo 10€.
     Z 2 Hišama  30€.
     S 3 Hišami  90€.
     S 4 Hišami  160€.

Vrednost Hipoteke 30€.
Hiše stanejo vsaka 50€
Hotel, 50€. plus 4 hiše

Če je igralec lastnik VSEH polj neke Barvne skupine, se najemnina podvoji na Nepozidanih Zemljiščih te skupine.

 Šobec (Pronouncation similar to: Shobhetz [1]is the first property in the Slovene Edition Monopoly game. It replaces Mediterranean Avenue for the game. 


Šobec is a Brown (formerly dark purple) colored property. It first appeared in the 1993 version of Monopoly: Slovene Edition, where it cost 6,000 SIT.


  • Rent: 2€ 
  • Monopoly Rent: 4€
  • Rent with:
    • 1 House: 10€
    • 2 Houses: 30€
    • 3 Houses: 90€
    • 4 Houses: 160€
    • 1 Hotel: 250€


  • Printed price: 60€
  • Mortgage Value: 30€
  • Building Costs: 50€ each

On the board

It is first property on the board. It is located between Start (before) and Državna blagajna/Community Chest (after). The last property before Šobec is Portorož and first property followed by Šobec is another brown property-Fiesa.

Real Location

This article is about Šobec [2], famous Slovene autocamp, which is just barely related to Monopoly board game.

As all properties in Slovene Edition this property is named by famous attraction or location in Slovenia. It is named by famous Slovene autocamp Šobec, which is located in North of Slovenia at its own lake. More info [3]


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