Atlantic Avenue
Rent $22.
     With 1 House $110.
     With 2 Houses  $330.
     With 3 Houses  $800.
     With 4 Houses  $975.
With HOTEL $1150

Mortgage Value $130.
Houses cost $150. each
Hotels, $150. plus 4 houses

If a player owns ALL the lots of any Color-Group, the rent is Doubled on Unimproved Lots in that group.

The first of the Yellow properties - and very possibly the most landed-on of them - is Atlantic Avenue. Though expensive, rents here can be high, if you've got the money. Atlantic shares rent rates with Ventnor Avenue.


  • Alone: $22
  • Monopoly: $44
  • With Houses:
    • 1 House: $110
    • 2 Houses: $330
    • 3 Houses: $800
    • 4 Houses: $975
    • 1 Hotel: $1150


  • Printed Price: $260
  • Mortgage Value: $130
  • Building Costs: $150 each

Mega Edition

In the Mega Edition, Skyscraper rent is $2150.


This is less valuable than the Reds or Oranges from a totally professional standpoint, but rents are fairly high even with just 3 Houses.

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