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A property in Anti-Monopoly, Basin Street is one of 2 properties in New Orleans. It essentially replaces Mediterranean Avenue.


NOTE: Due to Anti-Monopoly's nature, prices differ depending on whether you are a Competitor or a Monopolist. Also, remember: Competitors may build on any property they own, while Monopolists may NOT build until they own 2 properties in a city (color-group). They also may only build 3 Houses before building an Apartment, while Competitors may build 4 Houses before building an Apartment.

  • Price: $60

Competitor Rents

  • No Houses: $6
  • 1 House: $11
  • 2 Houses: $16
  • 3 Houses: $21
  • 4 Houses: $26
  • 1 Apartment: $31

Monopolist Rents

  • No Houses: $6/12
  • 1 House: $22
  • 2 Houses: $32
  • 3 Houses: $42
  • 1 Apartment: $52

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