Standard (British Edition) Monopoly game board layout
Free Parking Strand (£220) Chance Fleet Street (£220) Trafalgar Square (£240) Fenchurch St Station (£200) Leicester Square (£260) Coventry Street (£260) Water Works (£150) Piccadilly (£280) Go To Jail
Vine Street (£200)    Monopoly Regent Street (£300)
Marlborough Street (£180) Oxford Street (£300)
Community Chest Community Chest
Bow Street (£180) Bond Street (£320)
Marylebone Station (£200) Liverpool Street Station (£200)
Northumberland Avenue (£160) Chance
Whitehall (£140) Park Lane (£350)
Electric Company (£150) Super Tax (Pay £100)
Pall Mall (£140) Mayfair (£400)
Jail Chance King's Cross Station (£200) Income Tax (Pay £200) Community Chest Go
Pentonville Road (£120) Euston Road (£100) The Angel Islington (£100) Whitechapel Road (£60) Old Kent Road (£60)

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