Monopoly Hotels is a Monopoly-derived stand-alone game published in 2013 by Hasbro.


Go head-to-head in the Monopoly Hotels game, the 2-player race to build the hottest place in town! It’s all about stacking your floors with the coolest rooms to soar high above your rival’s hotel. Will you build a beach room or an aquarium room? You’ll need to stay sharp and make tough decisions in this game of fast, action-packed fun.

Players draw cards to in order to:

  1. Build their hotel floors
  2. Collect rent
  3. Sabotage their opponent's efforts
  4. Protect themselves from their opponent

Players will have to use their money to buy the hotel floors. The first to 5 wins. Some floors are more expensive than others but will give more money when rent is collected.

Get celebrities to stay, collect big rent, and build, build, build to beat your rival to the top! First to 5 floors wins!

Sabotage your rival to reach the top first!

Rats, floods and dirty laundry! In the roller-coaster game of Monopoly Hotels, everyone’s out to build the best hotel and stop you from getting there first. Your rival will play every card they can to sabotage your hotel, and you’ll need to be just as sneaky!

So get ready to bust out the demolition ball, steal your rival’s cash, and cut the power to their hotel. It’s all part of the fun in the race to reach the top first!


  • Go head-to-head to build your hotel first
  • First to 5 floors wins
  • Fast, action-packed fun
  • Fortunes change in an instant in this roller-coaster game
  • Stack your hotel with cool rooms
  • Build a beach room to get big rent
  • Sabotage your rival to reach the top first
  • Get celebrity guests and dodge rats, floods and laundry

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