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Money is what players use to buy, build buildings, and pay for fines or taxes.

History of money

The distribution of cash in the U.S. version has changed with the newer release versions. Older versions had a total of $15,140 in the following amounts/colors:

  • 20 $500 Bills (orange)
  • 20 $100 Bills (beige)
  • 30 $50 Bills (blue)
  • 50 $20 Bills (green)
  • 40 $10 Bills (yellow)
  • 40 $5 Bills (pink)
  • 40 $1 Bills (white)

The newer (Sept. 2008) editions have a total of $20,580, with 30 of each bill denomination. In addition, the colors of some of the bills have been changed; $10's are now blue instead of yellow, $20's are a brighter color green than before, and $50's are now purple instead of blue.

Each player begins the game with his or her token on the Go square, and $1500 (or 1500 of a localized currency) in play money. Prior to Sept. 2008, the money was divided as follows in the U.S. standard rules:

  • Two each of:
    • $500 bills
    • $100 bills
    • $50 bills
  • Six $20 bills
  • Five each of:
    • $10 bills
    • $5 bills
    • $1 bills

Since then, the US version has taken on the British version's initial cash distributions of:

  • Two x $500
  • Four x $100
  • One x $50
  • One x $20
  • Two x $10
  • One x $5
  • Five x $1

Other Forms of Money

Monopoly 1936-1938 Coin Box CS3

1930's Monopoly Metal Money obverse side

Besides the purely electronic money in Electronic Banking Editions, in the late 1930's, metal coins were sold by Parker Brothers in the traditional denominations (1,5,10,20,50,100,500) under the brand name "Monopoly Metal Money".

Many of the newer non-standard editions have unique versions of the notes; commonly in the standard colors and denominations but featuring Edition-appropriate artwork.


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