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Monopoly Slots was released by in March 2009. In addition to the 5-reel slots, players move around the board as they win the slots.


The max bet per line is 10, and there are 15 total lines, so Max Bet is 150 tokens.

  • Reel Symbols: K, Q, J, 10, Dice (2 and 4 only), money, Pogo symbol.


  • 2 Kings:
  • 3 Kings:
  • 4 Kings:
  • 5 Kings: 2500





The Board

When reels 2 and 4 show Dice, the player rolls. If a player lands on a property, the player wins the number of tokens listed (the amount is the property's purchase price in the original game). When a player lands on Chance or Community Chest, they have the chance to win multipliers for the next spin, or a flat bonus (multipliers and bonus tokens are given to all players in the game room). A player may also hit Jail. *NOTE FROM DICEROLLER: I am a bit unsure as to how this part works... I'll add more once I refresh my memory.* A 50 token fine is required for leaving.,

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