The custom-made game board of Planetopoly

Planetopoly is a custom-made space Monopoly version, created by Oliver Ziegler.

Instead of streets you can buy planets, and instead of houses and hotels, you can build support points, space stations, and space bases.

To play this game, you only need a printer to print out the rules and game accessories from the official website.


★ More variety! (3 instead of 2 building types)
★ More suspense! (10 instead of 6 rent levels)
★ More buying options! (32 instead of 28 title deed cards)
★ New and easy game rules! (only 2 sheets of text)
★ New designed game board! (clear and colorful)
★ All planets consist of 3 fields which are connected together!
★ Fair and balanced basis of calculation!
★ Free choice of the event card!
★ Only 5 different monetary values are needed!
★ Free of charge! (print out - cut out - glue on - ready)

Title Deed Cards


The custom-made title deed cards of Planetopoly

Play Money


The custom-made play money of Planetopoly

External links

Official website with game rules and game accessories to print out
Official website with game rules and game accessories to print out - GERMAN VERSION
Official promotion video on YouTube
Official promotion video on YouTube - GERMAN VERSION

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