Pogo dot com is an online gaming site. While features hundreds (maybe thousands) of games, the main focus in this article will be for its version of Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition and Monopoly Slots.

Main Rules

Monopoly on Pogo has 4 different rule sets: Pogo Rules, Official Rules, Speedy Rules, and Family Rules. Each one has several game rooms for it. Club Pogo members have access to the Custom rooms, letting them customize the rules to their game.

Pogo Rules

The Pogo rules consist of many popular rules mixed with official ones. Free Parking is a bonus space, and time limits, turn limits, and a few others are imposed.

However, the Free Parking bonus is negligible during free play.

Official Rules

These games play as closely to the official rules as possible.

Speedy Rules

These games are made to be short. The maximum number of turns in Jail has been changed to 1, players start with properties as in the short game, and the game ends when one player is bankrupted.

Family Rules

The official rules plus the following:

  • Free Parking w/ $5M starting bonus.
  • Time limits, etc.
  • Unlimited buildings.
  • No mortgage fee on transfer of properties

Custom Rules

For members only, these rooms allow for customization of the rules, as well as choosing one of the 4 other types.

Rules and what they can be

When starting a game, you have the option to change any of the following:

  • Free Parking: Set taxes & fines, starting bonus.
  • Go bonus: set $4M for landing directly on Go.
  • Mortgage Rules: set mortgage fees on transfer, plus the 10% mortgage fee on closing.
  • Property distribution: start players with 0, 2, 3, or 5 properties each.
  • Time Limit: up to 1 1/2 hours.
  • Turn limit: up to 65 turns each.
  • Net Worth limit: up to $75M.
  • Bankruptcy Limit: set how many players must be bankrupt before the game ends.
  • Jail turns: set to 1 or 3.
  • Auctions: on or off.
  • Property transfer: set so that when a player goes bankrupt, their properties are either randomly distributed, auctioned off, or given to the player they owe.
  • Building limit: Play with the usual 32 Houses and 12 Hotels, or no limits at all.
  • House upgrades: similar to the Short Game: Hotels are worth 4 Houses instead of 5, but Hotel rent remains the same.

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