Reading Railroad


$ 25.
     If 2 R.R.'s are owned $ 50.
     If 3   "        "       " $ 100.
     If 4   "        "       " $ 200.

     Mortgage Value


In the standard US version of Monopoly,  Reading Railroad is the first of four railroads. This railroad lies between the Income Tax and Oriental Avenue spaces, and costs $200, which is the standard railroad price. Contrary to popular opinion, it is actually pronounced REDD-ing (after the city in Pennsylvania where it was based) Railroad instead of REED-ing Railroad.


Like the other three railroads, Reading's Rent is:

  • 1 Railroad Owned: $25
  • 2 Railroads Owned: $50
  • 3 Railroads Owned: $100
  • 4 Railroads Owned: $200.

COST: $200


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