In Monopoly: The Mega Edition, South Carolina appears as the new Green property. Originally, it was on standard Monopoly boards, but when Charles Todd introduced Monopoly to Charles Darrow, he not only misspelled Marven Gardens (as Marvin Gardens, he also changed South Carolina Avenue for North Carolina Avenue. As would be expected, rents are the same here as they are on N.C. Ave. and Pacific Avenue.


  • Alone: $26
  • Partial Monopoly:$52
  • Full Monopoly: $78
  • With Houses:
    • 1 House: $130
    • 2 Houses: $390
    • 3 Houses: $900
    • 4 Houses: $1100
    • 1 Hotel: $1275
    • 1 Skyscraper: $2275


  • Printed Price: $300
  • Mortgage Value: $150
  • Building Costs: $200 each

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