States Avenue
Rent $10.
     With 1 House $50.
     With 2 Houses  $150.
     With 3 Houses  $450.
     With 4 Houses  $625.
With HOTEL $750

Mortgage Value $70.
Houses cost $100. each
Hotels, $100. plus 4 houses

If a player owns ALL the lots of any Color-Group, the rent is Doubled on Unimproved Lots in that group.

States Avenue is the second of the Pink properties, and shares rents and prices with St. Charles Place. States Avenue is very small in Atlantic City today, but, unlike St. Charles, it's still there, at least part of it.


  • alone: $10
  • Monopoly: $20
  • Rents with Houses:
    • 1 House: $50
    • 2 Houses: $150
    • 3 Houses: $450
    • 4 Houses: $625
    • 1 Hotel: $750


  • Printed Price: $140
  • Mortgage Value: $70
  • Building Costs: $100 each

Mega Edition

In the Mega Edition, Skyscraper rent is $1250.


States is another good deal. Building houses is fairly cheap, and it can produce good rents.

  • Max Value: $640

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