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    They interrupted Jeopardy! AGAIN for THE SAME REASON AS TUESDAY! FOR THE LAST TIME NBC, I'VE HAD IT WITH YOU! Just because you want to show the president speaking doesn't mean I want to watch it! If anyone knows another station that shows Jeopardy, let me know, because I WILL NEVER WATCH ANYTHING ON NBC EVER AGAIN! Don't they realize that not everybody wants to listen to someone talk? Especially if that person happens to be the president of the United States? Just because he is doesn't mean I have to (or want to) listen to him! I just wanted to watch Jeopardy! Is that too much to ask? >:(

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  • DiceRoller

    I was minding my own business, watching my favorite show, Jeopardy! Right in the middle of it, NBC puts out a "special news bulletin" and cuts Jeopardy off. Just because they say it involves the president doesn't mean I have to care (especially in these next 4-8 years)! I don't care about it! I just want to watch Jeopardy! Thanks a lot, NBC! I am NEVER watching your news, EVER! You stopped my Jeopardy, now you will pay... because I WILL NOT WATCH YOU! MUHAHAHA!

    Seriously, show something I actually want to see next time you interrupt Jeopardy. Do you think I want to see the president? Do you think I even want to hear about him? The answer is NO. Get that through your thick craniums, NBC. All I wanted to do was watch my favorite (occasionally…

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  • DiceRoller

    We hit the JACKPOT!!!

    December 18, 2009 by DiceRoller

    SNOW!!! TONS OF SNOW!!! WE REALLY HIT THE JACKPOT!!! I am not depressed at all! I haven't been all week! THIS IS GREAT! I also NINJA'D my little brother with a snowball. NINJA'D! Plus, I GOT OUT 3 HOURS EARLY IN SCHOOL TODAY! I AM NOT DEPRESSED IN THE LEAST!

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  • DiceRoller

    I'm depressed

    December 8, 2009 by DiceRoller

    I feel really depressed right now. I'm stuck with almost nothing to do, I've got a mobile due tomorrow, I don't have the supplies I need for it, I REALLY need to bring up my English grade a bit, and I ended up stuck in a depression loop:

    1. I see my grade is low

    2. I get a bit depressed and try to bring it up

    3. I end up doing worse as the work gets much tougher to do

    4. I get even more depressed

    5. My work gets even worse and I get even more depressed

    6. repeat

    I hate it when that happens... I'm currently in number 3

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  • DiceRoller


    November 9, 2009 by DiceRoller

    I got Monopoly City yesterday. It is THE best edition I've seen so far. I had my friend Chris over and we played a game of it. He ended up going good at the beginning, then as I added buildings he hit a few high-rent districts (I was almost broke!), he lost a ton of cash and had to mortgage. Then he hit a district he probably couldn't pay off. I say "probably," because I didn't find out. HE RAGE QUIT! UN-FREAKIN'-BELIEVABLE! He swiped every building down and tossed his money at the bank! He even had the Monopoly Tower! He then proceeded to hurl some of the buildings in the direction of my head at fairly high (but non-harmful) velocity. And then he went on a Team-Killing spree in Star Wars: Battlefront. He thinks oddly occasionally. Note to…

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