• Gameshowguy2000

    After thinking about this for quite sometime, and after being a member of this Wiki for quite sometime, I've decided to do it now, especially in honor of the game's 80th anniversary (and for the obvious reason, every person has had at least one item related to the game in their possession): A blog post about what Monopoly items I or any of my family members have.

    • 1976 Board Game--owned by my sister; I didn't really start playing the board game until about well, 20 years ago
    • Monopoly: Hand-Held Electronic Game--my top favorite, received in 2012 for my 29th birthday; reason being that I love the talking AI opponents and I love the speech that goes with it
    • Monopoly 64 for (what else?) N64--bought in 2014 for my 31st birthday
    • Monopoly 2000 CD-Rom…
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