• JDFAN8888

    JDFAN8888 here. I Made up theese new house rules for Monopoly.

    • Upon rolling a Mr. Monopoly on the Speed Die you become Rich uncle Pennybags. Rich uncle pennybags can trade and collect rent while in Jail. if you roll Mr. Monopoly and you Are Rich uncle pennybags you will have to give up your role as him OR you will have to Pay $200.
    • Upon landing on a propety with buildings on Doubles you become Rich uncle pennybags.

    • when landing on GO you do not collect $200. You will have to Go to highest rent.
    • if you end up going past GO moving backwards then you must pay $200 to each player.

    • Upon Landing on one of your own Propeties You must pay 10% of the Propety you landed on or give up a building on that propety. if there are no buildings on it you will ha…

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