Here are some interesting versions I'd like to have in my collection.

  • Monopoly Looney Tunes Edition
  • Marvel Comics Edition
  • Volkswagon Edition
  • Harry Potter Edition
  • Zelda Edition
  • Night Sky Edition
  • Harry Potter Edition
  • America Special Edition
  • World Edition
  • Mythopoly
  • The Dog Edition
  • Muppets Edition
  • Las Vegas Edition
  • Hershey's Edition
  • Snoopy Edition
  • Hobbit Edition
  • Disney-Pixar Edition
  • Animal-opoly
  • Ocean Beach-opoly
  • My Monopoly ( customizable )
  • Crooks and Castles Edition
  • North Carolina Edition
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Edition
  • Monopoly Empire
  • Star Wars Edition
  • The Beatles Edition
  • Star Trek Edition
  • The Beatles Yellow Submarine Edition

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