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Box image courtesy of Boardgamegeek.

Woot!opoly is a Late for the Sky parody version of the classic game published in 2012.

Publisher's description

Staying up until Midnight Central is now combined with the game that destroys families

Woot-Opoly recreates the joy of failing to get a Bag of Crap for 98% of people who play it

Will YOU be one of the lucky ones who masters the system? Probably not

Features traditional play or a one hour version

PLAY! as one of 8 Woot-themed pewter tokens including:

  • A Woot! Monkey
  • The Woot! Logo
  • A Bag of Crap
  • A 1" (diagonal length) HD Television (Tech.woot)
  • Woot! Shirt featuring the Woot! Logo (Shirt.woot)
  • Woot! Baby Bottle (Kids.woot)
  • Frying Pan featuring the Woot! Logo (Home.woot)
  • A Golf Shoe (Sport.woot)

BUY! Woot! properties with REAL Woot-Opoly play money... wait huh?  - In $1, $5, $10, $50, $100 and $500 denominations

COLLECT! "Mortimer's Gamble" & "Monte's Largess" cards along the way

AVOID! the dreaded server crash to collect your $200

Written with 100% Genuine words from the real Woot! writing staff

Made in the USA

In the Box:

Late for the Sky - Woot-opoly Game 1st Ed.- WOOT Published in 2012

  • (1) Woot-opoly Game Board
  • (8) Pewter Playing Tokens
  • (12) Hostels
  • (28) Condos
  • (2) Dice
  • (28) Property Cards
  • (14) Mortimer's Gamble Cards
  • (14) Monte's Largess Cards
  • (15) $500 Woot-opoly bills
  • (25) $100 Woot-opoly bills
  • (25) $50 Woot-opoly bills
  • (40) $20 Woot-opoly bills
  • (35) $10 Woot-opoly bills
  • (35) $5 Woot-opoly bills
  • (35) $1 Woot-opoly bills
  • Instructions

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